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1% increase in conversion = 4% increase in sales

About product

The Smart Counter defines a new precision class in electronic people counting. In difficult situations the counter is particularly able to demonstrate its prowess.Its innovative 3D technology makes the counter entirely immune to the problems that conventional video sensors can barely overcome.Moving shadows,reflections and small objects (such as bags, luggage, shopping carts) have no effect on its precision. Even in crowded situations the results remain precise,because the counter can record any number of people simultaneously.

Maximize Sales

By monitoring ‘Conversion Ratio’ KPI

Improve Customer Service

By incentivizing and targeting staff

Easy To Install

Simple, intuitive setup via web interface in just a few minutes

More efficient staff planning

Distinguishes between a floor's entrance, a floor's exit and
people moving through on an escalator.

Excellent price-performance ratio

The system detects how long people stay in one place
and provides information about the efficiency of
advertising campaigns for example.

Real time object-list

The realtime object-list reflects position, size and more
of all people in view. This is the base for various
advanced applications.

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3D Technology

High quality People Counting using
Hella 3D Technology

Counting on a definable line

Bi-directional counting on a definable
line (polygon). Other characteristics: variable
position of the counting lines and on-site
adaptation to requirements.

Video, record streaming

Video streaming and recording can be
activated as an additional special feature

For further technical information
please refer to the APC-180 datasheet.


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